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  • BAM Ritchies
    Glasgow, United Kingdom
    BAM Ritchies is the leading edge provider of SMARTer ground engineering services and is fully focused on supporting the UK's infrastructure sector. Partnering with our customers at the earliest stage of the project life cycle, we use advanced techniques, equipment and digital technology to deliver integrated, exceptional geotechnical solutions.
  • Forkers Ltd
    West Bromwich, United Kingdom
    With a fleet of over 60 drilling rigs including mini-rigs, geotechnical rigs and ’dual head’ rigs we can offer a broad range of drilling services and drilling techniques to suit any application. Our experienced team provides a comprehensive range of key drilling and grouting services covering everything from site investigation drilling to mine workings and mineshaft stabilisation, mini-piling to soil nailing and deep wells to compaction grouting. We have an enviable reputation for problem solving, quality and client focus and with our extensive in-house knowledge and expertise we are happy to work with designers, developers, project managers and main contractors to provide technical advice and innovative ideas for any scheme.
  • Maccaferri Ltd
    Didcot, United Kingdom
    Maccaferri Ltd manufactures geosynthetics in Yorkshire, UK, including high-performance and ultra-high strength BBA Certified geogrids. These are primarily used for soil reinforcement and embankment stabilisation works particularly in the infrastructure and mining markets.
  • M&J Drilling Services Ltd
    Tipton, United Kingdom
    M&J Drilling Services is a specialist contractor involved in the development and delivery of geotechnical solutions to various ground problems. The main activities of the company are drilling (rotary and rotary percussive) and grouting, and the list that follows gives details of the applications: Rotary Investigation (open hole, coring and installations); Stabilisation of shallow mineworkings; Mineshaft location and treatment; Void infilling (large mine workings) and other underground stabilisation works (cellars and tanks); Soil nails and ground anchors; Sewer and tunnel grouting; Ground Source Heating loop installation.
  • Albion Drilling Group
    Stirling, United Kingdom
  • Amplus Ltd
    St Lawrence, Jersey
  • CAN Geotechnical Ltd
    Chesterfield, United Kingdom
  • Cofra Ltd
    Rusper, United Kingdom
  • Cognition Land + Water
    Weybridge, United Kingdom
  • Colin Jones (Rock Engineering) Ltd
    Porthmadog, United Kingdom
  • DHRA Geotechnical Ltd
    Buxton, United Kingdom
  • Geolex
    Ashford, United Kingdom
  • Ground Investigation
    Clevedon, United Kingdom
  • Red Rock Geoscience Ltd
    Exeter, United Kingdom
  • Shotcrete Services
    Cranbrook, United Kingdom
  • Specialist Ground Engineering Ltd (SGE)
    Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom
  • TAL Construction
    Forge Hill, Ireland
  • Westpointe Ltd
    Dawlish, United Kingdom

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