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  • Bartington Instruments Ltd
    Witney, United Kingdom
    Bartington Instruments is a leading provider of high-precision fluxgate magnetometers, magnetic susceptibility equipment and Helmholtz Coil systems. We offer a range of products and services with applications across a host of sectors. Bartington Instrument's products are used in a number of Geoscience fields of study, assisting activities as varied as EM geophysics techniques, geomagnetic observations, long-term earthquake research, climate change investigation, pollution studies and the assessment of erosional processes in geomorphology.
  • Fellows International Group Ltd
    Gosport, United Kingdom
    Fellows offer a complete UXO risk management process from preliminary and detailed desk study, risk assessment and peer review to non-intrusive and intrusive surveys including CPT/Cone penetration testing, Drone/UAV survey, watching brief, awareness brief and emergency response planning /ERP. Our flexibility and extensive range of services enable our clients to accurately assess any UXO risk and take proportionate, cost-effective action to manage and mitigate the ever-present threat posed by unexploded aerial bombs and other munitions.
  • 1st Line Defence
    Hoddesdon, United Kingdom
  • CC Geotechnical Ltd (CCG)
    Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Fugro GeoServices Ltd
    Wallingford, United Kingdom
  • GE Solutions Consulting Ltd
    Whitburn, United Kingdom
  • In Situ Site Investigation
    St Leonards-on-Sea, United Kingdom
  • Irish Drilling Ltd (IDL)
    Loughrea, Ireland
  • Lankelma Ltd
    Iden, United Kingdom
  • Royal Eijkelkamp
    Giesbeek, Netherlands

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